Preparing Your Pet For Halloween

The countdown to Halloween is on, and preparations are in full swing. Maybe you’ve noticed your cat watching as you string fake spider webs on the mantle, or you’ve spotted your dog gazing longingly at the candy bowl. Don’t be fooled this Halloween—true evil waits for pets around every turn. To recognize and prepare for [...]

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Pet Obesity FAQs

Popular culture celebrates chubby Chihuahuas and portly pit bulls, but the cruel reality is that overweight pets are suffering. Obesity significantly shortens pet lives, increases the risk for many inflammatory diseases, and alters their behavior. Your trusted south Austin vet, Oliver Animal Hospital, understands that talking about your pet’s weight during their appointment can be [...]

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Take a Chill Pill—Calm Strategies for Medicating Your Pet

Is medicating your pet a battle? Dogs and cats are often challenging to medicate, because of a past negative experience. While this was likely accidental, you will need to have patience to replace your pet’s bad memories with good ones. These seven strategies from your trusted south Austin vet, Oliver Animal Hospital, will help your [...]

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Come On, Get Happy—Enrichment for Cats

Cat owners frequently regard their pets as easy or low maintenance pets, but this falsehood fails to consider that indoor cats lead an unnatural, different  lifestyle, compared with their feral cousins. While indoor cats’ lives are certainly safer, their lifestyle restricts and limits their natural behavior, and affects their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. By [...]

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Chew On This—5 Top Tips for Safe Dog Chew Toys

Chewing is a naturally satisfying activity for dogs—which may explain why they find your dining room table legs irresistible. Healthy chewing breaks down plaque and tartar buildup on teeth, decreases boredom, relieves stress, and results in better behavior. Unfortunately, many chew toys are dangerous, and lead to broken teeth, choking, intestinal blockages, and gastrointestinal upset. [...]

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A Puking Primer for Dog Owners

You likely have several pet-specific cleaning products in your closet for cleaning up after your dog’s vomiting accidents, because dog vomit is one of the less alluring parts of dog ownership. Our veterinarians in south Austin at Oliver Animal Hospital want to provide information about why your dog vomits, and what conditions should cause you [...]

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Top 10 Pet Summer Safety Tips

We hear a thousand clichés about summer heat, but none of them capture the beastly nature of a Texas summer. Fortunately, your south Austin veterinarian, Oliver Animal Hospital, knows how to keep your pets cool and comfortable during this scorching season. Check out our Top 10 pet safety tips for beating the heat in the [...]

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8 Important Facts About Heatstroke in Pets

Nothing ruins the summer faster than a pet emergency.  Texas summer heat is nothing new to Texans, but the devastating power of high temperatures is often taken for granted. Heatstroke—a condition where a pet’s body temperature becomes dangerously elevated—is a potentially tragic emergency in people and pets. Oliver Animal Hospital treats countless pets every summer [...]

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