5 Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

National Dog Bite Prevention Week, April 11 to 17, is critical for shedding light on this issue, which can break the bond we share with our dogs. Nothing destroys a relationship faster than a bite from your furry pal, no matter the circumstances. Keep in mind that all dogs can bite, especially if startled, scared, [...]

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911 Pet Emergencies: How to Tell If Your Pet Requires Urgent Care

When your beloved pet is injured or ill, the slightest cough can seem like a life-threatening emergency. However, not all your pet’s health issues require urgent care, although determining the difference can be tough. As veterinary professionals, we also panic, with all our knowledge going right out the window when our own pets are sick. [...]

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4 Reasons Why Regular Wellness Care is Important for Your Pet

Your furry friends are integral members of your family. They keep you company, whether they are resting at your feet during endless Zoom calls or acting as your exercise buddy, ensuring you  meet your New Year’s resolution goal. However, you can easily lose track of time, especially during this pandemic, and forget that your pet [...]

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5 Litter Box Rules for a Happy Cat

A cat seems to require less maintenance than a dog, since there’s no need for multiple walks outside in all weather for bathroom breaks. However, when your cat refuses to use their litter box, you may rethink your opinion on tending to your feline friend. Cats avoid their litter boxes for various reasons—some behavioral, some [...]

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