Intervertebral Disc Disease in Pets

Dachshunds, Welsh corgis, and Basset hounds are definitely adorable, with their too-short legs in comparison with their body size and seemingly endless body length. However, these breeds’ elongated proportions increase their spinal issue risk. These breeds are especially predisposed to developing intervertebral disc disease ([IVDD] i.e., slipped disc), a common and painful condition that can [...]

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Holiday Pet Safety

The holiday season is exciting, but remember that—while your pet enjoys joining the fun—they can get in trouble, and potentially have an emergency. Ensure you take precautions to prevent a pet holiday emergency. To describe how to keep your pet out of trouble this holiday season, our Oliver Animal Hospital team shares a pet patient’s [...]

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Cancer in Pets—FAQs

Cancer is a major health concern and a common condition for people and pets. This disease is the leading cause of death in dogs and cats 10 years of age and older, and while a pet’s cancer cannot always be detected in the earliest stages, you should be aware of this condition’s potential signs and [...]

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Assessing Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

Throughout their life, your pet relies on you to make the best decisions regarding their health and wellbeing. These decisions can become more challenging as your pet ages, and you are responsible for helping your beloved animal companion navigate age-related health conditions that are likely to worsen over time. While their muzzle may be more [...]

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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease—What Cat Owners Need to Know

Cats cannot tell us when they feel unwell, but behavior changes often indicate something is wrong. Your cat’s litter box etiquette offers clues about their urinary tract health, and you should monitor this behavior to prevent conditions such as feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). A cat who suddenly begins urinating outside their litter box [...]

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A Pet’s Perspective On Halloween Safety

Many children and adults love Halloweens’s spooky decorations, tasty treats, and creative costumes, but your family pet likely views the holiday differently. Although you enjoy including your four-legged family member in your Halloween celebrations, you need to consider the holiday from your pet’s viewpoint to ensure they are safe and comfortable. Our Oliver Animal Hospital [...]

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The ABCs of CBCs: Understand Your Pet’s Blood Work Results

You recognize that to determine whether your pet has an undetected medical condition, your veterinarian does blood work. But, when you review the results, which may include various acronyms and numbers, you likely cannot decipher their meaning. Fortunately, your south Austin veterinarian understands this blood work alphabet soup, and our Oliver Animal Hospital team explains [...]

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