6 Cool Facts About Cats

You know your cat best, but your feline friend has a lot more going for them than meets the eye. The more you learn about this sophisticated species, the better you can understand your cat’s behaviors and needs. Our Oliver Animal Hospital team has fascinating feline facts that will leave you saying, “Me-WOW.”  #1: Some [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Ensuring Your Indoor Cat’s Happiness

Indoor cats lead a cushy life, and you can make their life absolutely purrfect by creating a cat-friendly environment that keeps them engaged, and encourages them to express their natural instincts. Learn to keep your indoor cat content by following our Oliver Animal Hospital team’s do’s and don’ts.  DO encourage your cat’s natural prey drive [...]

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Dog Did You Knows: Interesting Facts About Complex Canines

Dogs are unconditionally loyal, admirably positive, and truly man’s best friend. But, dogs are also amazing, complex, and fascinating creatures. To know a dog is to love them, and our Oliver Animal Hospital team thought you would like to learn more about them. A left-pawed dog, for example? We share fascinating  facts about dogs.   #1: [...]

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Ease Your Pet’s Back-To-School Burdens

Stores have out their supplies of notebooks, pencils, crayons, and markers, which can only mean one thing—kids are heading back to school. No matter what your kids feel about starting the new school year, one family member is likely dreading the day. Pets often struggle to adjust to changes in their routine, and back-to-school time [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Parasitic Pet Diseases

Many pets are affected by parasites during their lifetime, and these diseases can cause significant health issues. Our veterinarians in south Austin want to help you and your pet by answering some frequently asked questions about parasitic pet diseases. Question: How are parasites transmitted to my pet? Answer: Many different parasites target pets, including: Heartworms [...]

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Challenges for Brachycephalic Pet Owners

Many pet owners adopt brachycephalic breeds because their flat faces are adorable, but these pets can experience many health challenges. The veterinarians in south Austin want to help by offering information about what issues affect these cute pets. Brachycephalic pet features The term brachycephalic comes from the Greek roots brachy, meaning short, and cephalic, meaning [...]

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The Truth About Pet Heat Safety

Texas heat can be brutal, and in the dog days of summer, don’t let the heat and humidity affect your four-legged friend. Our veterinarians in south Austin want to help by providing information about pet heat safety to counter some common beliefs on the topic. False belief: “If I can tolerate the heat, my pet [...]

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A Dog Owner’s Guide to Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common problem for dogs, and many factors can be responsible. If your dog is affected, you may be wondering whether they need veterinary attention. Our veterinarians in south Austin at Oliver Animal Hospital share information about what causes diarrhea in dogs, when you should be worried, and how you can address the [...]

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8 Pointers for the Traveling Pet

Summer is a great time to get away for a vacation, but certain preparations are necessary if you’re bringing your pet. The veterinarians in south Austin at Oliver Animal Hospital want to help by providing some pointers for your traveling pet. #1: Prepare your pet Any change in routine can be stressful for your pet, [...]

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