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4 Reasons Why Regular Wellness Care is Important for Your Pet

Your furry friends are integral members of your family. They keep you company, whether they are resting at your feet during endless Zoom calls or acting as your exercise buddy, ensuring you  meet your New Year’s resolution goal. However, you can easily lose track of time, especially during this pandemic, and forget that your pet [...]

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5 Litter Box Rules for a Happy Cat

A cat seems to require less maintenance than a dog, since there’s no need for multiple walks outside in all weather for bathroom breaks. However, when your cat refuses to use their litter box, you may rethink your opinion on tending to your feline friend. Cats avoid their litter boxes for various reasons—some behavioral, some [...]

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What Constitutes a Veterinary Emergency?

Our four-legged companions complete our families and fill our lives with wet noses, furry cuddles, and unconditional love. Caring for and protecting your pet should include regular preventive care visits with your south Austin veterinarian to ensure a healthy, disease-free life. Being prepared for unexpected pet emergencies or illness is equally important, especially since making [...]

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Welcome to the Family: What to Expect During Your Puppy’s First Year

Congratulations on welcoming a new puppy into your home! The first year of your puppy’s life will include discovery and adjustments for you and your new family member. Puppies are filled with endless energy, curiosity, and cuteness that makes them an irresistible addition to the family. Ensure your new puppy starts out on the right [...]

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The Importance of Dental Care for Pets

When your pooch sidles up to you for a sloppy kiss, do you find yourself turning your head to deflect their affection? Do you frequently apologize to household visitors for your pet’s stinky breath? Despite popular belief, bad doggy breath is not normal—in fact, it’s a sign that things in your furry pal’s mouth have [...]

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