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Preventing Canine Separation Anxiety

We love dogs because they form such strong social bonds with us, but for some dogs, these close bonds become shackles that chain them to a life of panic and distress whenever they’re alone.  Separation anxiety can escalate quickly and endanger your dog, damage your home, and potentially devastate your dog-owner relationship. Because treating is [...]

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Preparing Your Pet for a Stress-Free Veterinary Visit in 10 Easy Steps

Visiting the veterinarian may not be your pet’s—or your—idea of a good time, but routine care is essential to a long and healthy life. Skipping annual wellness visits because your pet experiences fear and anxiety may actually worsen their feelings toward us over time, if they only see us when they need treatment.  Rather than [...]

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Pancreatitis—A Perilous Problem for Pets

During the holidays, pancreatitis cases among pets increase because owners want to share the celebratory feasts with them. The high-fat foods that are a typical part of holiday meals can cause serious health problems for your pet. The south Austin veterinarians at Oliver Animal Hospital want to explain how this dangerous condition can affect your [...]

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4 Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to feast with your family and friends, but this tradition can be distressing for your pet if certain precautions are not taken. Our Oliver Animal Hospital team shares their top tips to help ensure your pet stays safe on turkey day. #1: Don’t let your pet participate in the feast [...]

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Preparing Your Pet For Halloween

The countdown to Halloween is on, and preparations are in full swing. Maybe you’ve noticed your cat watching as you string fake spider webs on the mantle, or you’ve spotted your dog gazing longingly at the candy bowl. Don’t be fooled this Halloween—true evil waits for pets around every turn. To recognize and prepare for [...]

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Pet Obesity FAQs

Popular culture celebrates chubby Chihuahuas and portly pit bulls, but the cruel reality is that overweight pets are suffering. Obesity significantly shortens pet lives, increases the risk for many inflammatory diseases, and alters their behavior. Your trusted south Austin vet, Oliver Animal Hospital, understands that talking about your pet’s weight during their appointment can be [...]

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