The ABCs of CBCs: Understand Your Pet’s Blood Work Results

You recognize that to determine whether your pet has an undetected medical condition, your veterinarian does blood work. But, when you review the results, which may include various acronyms and numbers, you likely cannot decipher their meaning. Fortunately, your south Austin veterinarian understands this blood work alphabet soup, and our Oliver Animal Hospital team explains [...]

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6 Cool Facts About Cats

You know your cat best, but your feline friend has a lot more going for them than meets the eye. The more you learn about this sophisticated species, the better you can understand your cat’s behaviors and needs. Our Oliver Animal Hospital team has fascinating feline facts that will leave you saying, “Me-WOW.”  #1: Some [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Ensuring Your Indoor Cat’s Happiness

Indoor cats lead a cushy life, and you can make their life absolutely purrfect by creating a cat-friendly environment that keeps them engaged, and encourages them to express their natural instincts. Learn to keep your indoor cat content by following our Oliver Animal Hospital team’s do’s and don’ts.  DO encourage your cat’s natural prey drive [...]

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