Frequently Asked Questions About Parasitic Pet Diseases

Many pets are affected by parasites during their lifetime, and these diseases can cause significant health issues. Our veterinarians in south Austin want to help you and your pet by answering some frequently asked questions about parasitic pet diseases. Question: How are parasites transmitted to my pet? Answer: Many different parasites target pets, including: Heartworms [...]

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Challenges for Brachycephalic Pet Owners

Many pet owners adopt brachycephalic breeds because their flat faces are adorable, but these pets can experience many health challenges. The veterinarians in south Austin want to help by offering information about what issues affect these cute pets. Brachycephalic pet features The term brachycephalic comes from the Greek roots brachy, meaning short, and cephalic, meaning [...]

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The Truth About Pet Heat Safety

Texas heat can be brutal, and in the dog days of summer, don’t let the heat and humidity affect your four-legged friend. Our veterinarians in south Austin want to help by providing information about pet heat safety to counter some common beliefs on the topic. False belief: “If I can tolerate the heat, my pet [...]

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