Medical Pet Shirt an alternative to "The Cone"

Medical Pet Shirt E.collar alternative


Medical Pet Shirts are protective shirts for dogs and cats and can be used

  • after surgery as an alternative to an E-collar,
  • with skin diseases where protection is necessary and advised by a veterinarian,
  • when in heat,
  • or with mild urinary incontinence.

The openings are adapted to the body shape of animals to ensure a snug fit so that it is difficult for the animal to pull off. Medical Pet Shirts are versatile, machine washable, have a rear closure that makes it easy to put on and take off and are available from size XXXS for kittens and small puppies to XXL that will fit large breed dogs. The cat shirts are specially designed so that you don’t need to remove them for the cat to use their litter box.

The Medical Pet Shirt is dark blue or red on the outside. The inside of the belly is made with an extra layer of light blue fabric that creates a pocket which can accommodate an absorptive layer for surgical incisions, incontinence and dogs in heat. All shirts are made of stretch fabric composed of cotton and spandex.

Medical Pet Shirts are available only through your veterinarian.

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